Saving on Car Insurance

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Published: 23rd May 2013
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Recent EU legislation has ensured that car insurance premiums will remain high and even rise in the future. When insurance for women was found to be unfair when compared with that of menís the companies didnít lower the rate for men; rather they raised the rate for women. Year on year premiums rise exponentially, so finding ways to reduce your expenditure are essential if you are concerned about your finances. This article will look at three big ways to lower your premiums. The list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a firm starting point. As with all money saving tips knowledge is power. Research will be a very helpful weapon in your fight to keep your cash.

Use Price Comparison websites. Checking every single insurer, one by one, is yesterdayís news. The introduction of price comparison websites has revolutionized the search for insurance of many types. They have been a great money spinner for the owners of the sites out there, but they have arguably been of greater benefit to the customers that use them. Most people are aware of the benefits of using such sites, but the trick is to use all of them. Not all insurers are listed on every site, so checking as many as you can will greatly increase your chances of finding the best deal. It might take a little bit longer, but the potential gains are plain to see. Donít forget that there are a few insurers that arenít listed on price comparison websites. Youíll know who they are because they always tell you about it in their adverts. If you want the best chance of saving then checking their offers will help.

Technology is making all of our lives better in many ways, and thereís no difference in your driving technology. New tracking devices are springing up all the time, and the general belief that they are designed for young drivers just isnít true. Many of the schemes are aimed at younger motorists, but they are not restricted to that demographic. When thinking about tracking device based insurance it is advisable to check what deals are out there. The savings can be quite substantial due to new factors that are taken into account. Savings can be made for drivers that donít drive between 11pm and 5am, drivers that donít speed or drive erratically, or drivers that total less than 8,000 miles per year. These tracking schemes are ever evolving, so checking on new initiatives regularly will give you an edge when the time comes to get cover.

With so many different insurers trying their best to get your custom thereís bound to be a healthy amount of competition. When looking at your potential costs donít be afraid to haggle. The chances are that youíll be able to make some sort of saving, and after all, the firms want you to pay them and not the next guy. If your quote is close to the market average youíll soon find out. Companies wonít drop below a certain level; find that level and youíll know that youíre getting the best.

The best way to save is to make sure that youíve got the right car for you and to know the system. Youíll know from previous applications for insurance that the companies are looking for any excuse to bump up your premium. Where you live, what you drive, where you park it, how much you drive, what you do for a living, and many more factors come into the equation. As mentioned previously knowledge is your greatest weapon, and knowing how to answer the insurerís questions will give you a great head start. Donít lie, but figure out how to answer the questions on the comparison sites, and youíll see some of the lowest car insurance quotes ever.

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